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Khalid Shamis – Notes on Music for Films

Half Libyan half South African ex-Londoner, Khalid is a trained film director but much prefers constructing stories with other people’s passions in the hallowed edit suite. Drawing on his past of collecting and mixing, editing is a natural and obvious space to continue making those links, juxtapositions and continual threads. ‘Notes on Music for Films’ combines the shared space of sound within stories mixing musical moments, soundscapes and dialogue from various films he has edited in the past few years. The aim is to connect an aural landscape from varying visual visions brought together in the shared physical space of the edit suite.

Cover Design by Mzwandile Buthelezi

The film excerpts featured in the mix are taken from the following films that Khalid edited:

1. The Sound of Masks (unreleased) – Dir. Sara Gouveia
2. Beats of the Antonov, 2014 – Dir. Hajooj Kuka
3. Altar, 2015 – Dir. Jyoti Mistry
4. Black President, 2014 – Dir. Mpumelelo Mcata
5. Undefeated, 2012 – Dir. Tudor Payne
6. The Unseen, 2015 – Dir. Perivi Katjavivi
7. Hunted Heart (unreleased) – Dir Amirah Tajdin
8. The Life and Times of David Goldblatt, 2016. Dir. Daniel Zimbler
9. Action Kommandant, 2015 – Dir. Nadine Cloete