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DJ Gary – Some Liminal Place

DJ Gary`s sporadic musical career began as a contributor at the first online iteration of the now legendary Hyperdub label in 2000, and playing at the earliest Hyperdub parties in London. Along with cult electronic producer Actress (aka Darren Cunningham) he co-founded the Werk parties in 2001, and the electronic music label WerkDiscs (now part of the wider Ninja Tunes stable), where he released productions under the name Mr Lizard, including one of the anonymous Grim Dubs series. As a journalist he has contributed to the Guardian, Dazed & Confused and a variety of now long-forgotten UK dance music magazines.

Some Liminal Place was assembled in Johannesburg in deep midwinter as an attempt to recreate the prevailing mindstate of the year 2017: somewhere inbetween the soothing mindlessness of hope and a deep existential Trumpocalyptic dread.