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Rosie Parade – Ice Eyes Nice Thighs

Rosie Parade DJs like a girl. A no-mix mix recorded on a hazy Monday. Love letters from soft hearts, dropped on the way. Salty more like tears than sweat, sweet more like guavas than pears.

She got the ice eyes, nice thighs, moist vibes
Time ends, air thins
Desires fade in, all doubts fade out

A space sex dream is very lethal.


1. Sayso – Evy Jane (Ninja Tune)
2. Two & Three ft Lua – William Florelle (Wotnot)
3. Just Waking Up – Silentjay & Jace XL  (Rhythm Section)
4. Julien’s Dream (ode to a bad) – Shabazz Palaces (Sub Pop)
5. Island Rose ft Sampa The Great – Jonti (Stones Throw)
6. Kilo Kish – Wax (Kitsuné)
7. Rosie – Wayne Snow (Tartelet Records)
8. Hold Me Down – Zack Sekoff (Alpha Pup)
9. Khule Naye ft Hlasko – Jumping Back Slash (Cotch International)
10. Your Body Feels – Four Tet (Text Records)
11. Whip – Arca (XL Recordings)
12. Spectrum – Mhysa (Halcyon Veil)
13. I Went Home – Lockah (Donkey Pitch)
14. Just Let It Go – The Road Chief (https://djroadchief.bandcamp.com)
15. Boy Bye – Lum (Activia Benz)
16. Syzyry – Laurel Halo (Hyperdub)
17. Hunker Down prod. Shlomo & D33J – Corbin (Wedidit)