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Micr. Pluto & Hlasko


May 2014 was a special month for underground music in Johannesburg. It was the month in which a compilation titled ‘Subterranean Wavelength Vol. 1’ hit the streets.

The front cover of the compilation proclaimed it a ‘Johannesburg Experimental Beat Compilation’. And although it was only a snapshot into the city’s then burgeoning electronica scene, its impact and influence has left an indelible mark on the cities musical landscape.

Fast forward to August of the same year, and we were honoured to have two of the protagonists from the compilation – Hlasko and Micr. Pluto (he also curated and released the compilation) – do their first ever live collaboration at our Ithuba Sessions.

This is a very special recording in our archive and we are genuinely ecstatic to finally release it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Since then, these two figures have become pioneers of the SA beat scene.

A little background on Micr. Pluto:
Apart from being one of the dopest producers in the city, Micr. Pluto has since (together with Edward Kgosidintsi and Tribal Rebel Ludi) transformed Subterranean Wavelength into one of favourite independent record labels – a home and incubator for an array of SAs up and coming leftfield artists such as Daev Martin, Kajama, Premath and Eye-On Feather, to name but a few. HERE is a link to their website.. dig in!

A little background on Hlasko:
We feel the following quote from one of SubWav’s co-founders sums up Hlasko better than we can –

Experimental bass music has a new African vanguard and its high priest is transcendental broken beat producer Hlasko. His astro-spiritual compositions make use of digitalized palates to create feral existentialist soul music, fusing science with witchcraftEdward Kgosidintsi for OkayAfrica


Info and Credits:
Broadcast live on 23 August 2014 on ICR Radio 102.2 FM from Ithuba Arts Gallery in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

Beats and vocals – Hlasko
Beats and live synthesisers – Micr. Pluto

Audio recorded by Andrew Curnow and Nhlanhla Mngadi
Audio edited and sequenced by Andrew Curnow
Audio mixed and mastered by Dion Monti
Video filmed by Naledi Chai and Vusi Hlatywayo
Video edited by Nhlanhla Mngadi
Cover Design by Rasik Green

Big thank you to ICR Radio for letting us use their radio antenna for this project and Lavendhri Arumugam for inviting us to be a part of the Backspace Residency.

Also a special shout out to Tseliso Monaheng for the technical assistance on the video!

About the Ithuba Sessions:
Over two weekends in the month of August 2014, we hosted a pop-up radio show at the Ithuba Arts Gallery as part of the Backspace Residency. On the corner of Juta and Biccard, we were immersed in a hub of sound, collaboration and imagination. Using ICRs Radio antenna, we broadcast (via ICRs 102.2 FM) our own sonic collage to a 1km radius, within Braamfontein, featuring an array of vinyl only DJ sets and live music performances.