Makhafula Mushrooms

"Ang'hlose ukumbulala umadam, ngifuna ukumthatha ngebomvu ibhathu, ngizume emva kwesibuko erobhotini, ngimsikaze ngehlo elimdaka, ngimkhumule amaketanga, ibag namagadgets kube ngakimi, ngimvonce, ngik... Read more »


New Power New Power New Power New Power New Power New Power New Power New Power….  For nothing we’ve experienced in life is ever completely lost.  ...........Girl Blue is an old friend of our... Read more »

40 Years | June 16

An improvised auditory experiment blending black classical music with audio archive material of interviews with people who witnessed the Soweto Student Uprising in 1976, piecing together a narrative... Read more »

Scamtho Shrooms

"Inside of me there is no room for cappuccino home made brew and beers collide causing me to vomit inside of me joe barekesa malana le mohodo madombolo le magwinya oesaphagus color bar print... Read more »

Mampoer Mushrooms

"it's a North West wrath fest......mushroom cloud forming/something toxic's storming.......no verses/just death vessel rap propelled grenades to your ear" Bavino Bachana The first show of Volume I... Read more »

Love Me Love Me Mushrooms

"....no, no, no, it's not smoke, it's not smoke in my eyes girl, it's tears....i feel like it's raining out my eye, got a cloud in my head and it rains out of my eye, every time i think about you...."... Read more »

SLAMDhungied Mushrooms Pt.1

"Small town girl in the Big City here to handle biz" .......... Qba If you listen to her raps, you need not ask to many questions about what makes Qba tick…… ’cause she lays it out clear…... Read more »

Tendency Mushrooms

“My style is Jozi hot, nappy dread, dapper with an All Star, Dickies, Jack Purcell, Skyf Gear, I rock well ….” - Grandmaster Cap Although we are all grown now and digging all sorts of grooves... Read more »