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Adventurous Mushrooms

We back at it…… static & bad habits ……..every Hour on the Half-Hour……” – Soul Diablo

The Second Show!

For reasons they cannot remember, the Mushroom Hour Half-Hour trio decided that this thing was not a once off thing and did another damn show………..their decision could have had something to do with a low key fungal hallucinogen sponsorship ……..

This time…… it was late at night (the space between today & tomorrow) on a very cold day in May…… they were coming from a gig in Mofolo, Soweto and did not realise that ICR Pirate Radio had moved premises ………. what they were presented with was an abandoned, decrepit building and a broken fire escape staircase with gaping spaces between steps ….. cold but warmly intoxicated…….. in pitch dark and with an entire sound system, decks and shit loads of vinyl to carry…….yes… sticking to the letter of pirate radio stations & clandestine dealings, ICR had relocated to the rooftop of a 10 floor building with no lifts ….. directly above a cop shop …….

Delve into a world of The Movers & shaky midnight shady characters where you aren’t allowed to take 7 mushrooms, but 6 and 8 are fine….. a world of discos and roller skating……..imaginary Truck Turner scenes……. vintage mics that have seen better days (but not this much spit) ……… a world where a man can make emcee death threats while blowing up party balloons ……….

You can apparently download the show here


Broadcast live on ICR Pirate Radio on 26 May 2012

On the Word: oNe:Drous oNe* and GRANDMASTER CAP
On the Wax: Radio Robert & Soul Diablo
Hosts: Kool oNe Ebony, Soul Diablo & Radio Robert

Shout out to Kuttin’ Keith at Slang Audio for the technical support ……

Extra shout out to our friend, Matthew Choate…… who somehow managed to find us that night/morning……….we suspect you probably had a word with our sponsor to locate our whereabouts and also used the normal stairs inside the building that we had not yet discovered ……


  1. Hamilton Bohannon • But What is a Dream (Mercury, 1977)
  2. Hugh Masekela • Night in Tunisia (MCA Records, 1980)
  3. Malombo • Marabi (Atlantic, 1973)
  4. Imperial Tiger Orchestra • Emnete (Mental Groove Records, 2009)
  5. Betty Davis • Anti Love Song
    (Just Sunshine Records, 1973)
  6. Camille Yarbrough • Take Yo’ Praise (Vanguard Records, 1975)
  7. Marsha Hunt • Walk On Gilded Splinters (Polydor, 1969)
  8. Andre Williams • I Wanna Be Your Show (1970)
  9. Charles Mingus • Cumbia & Jazz Fusion (Atlantic, 1978)
  10. The VIPs • Night Way
    (Atlantic City, 1972)
  11. The Movers • Mountain Breeze (City Special, 1970)
  12. The Lockers • Little Friends (RPM, 1974)
  13. Spanky Wilson • Fancy
    (Mother Records & the Snarf Company, 1975)
  14. Imperial Tiger Orchestra • Yefikir Woha Timu (B Soul, 2010)
  15. Isaac Hayes • Pursuit of the Pimpmobile (Stax, 1974)
  16. Odyssey Revised • Fabulous Three (Truth & Soul, 2008)
  17. MFSB • TSOP (Philadelphia International Records, 1974)
  18. Junior • Mama used to Say (Mercury Records, 1982)
  19. Commodores • Machine Gun (Motown, 1974)
  20. Masike ‘Funky’ Mohapi • Gomorrah (Raintree Records, 1982)
  21. Harari • Vudu (Gallo, 1979)
  22. Teenage Lovers • Sofasonke
    (RPM, 1971)
  23. The Hard Ways • Help Yourself (Score)
  24. The Even Beats • Love and Piece (Atlas City)
  25. The Movers • Sam Goes Home (City Special, 1971)
  26. The Big Time Boys • Light up the Light (Jet)
  27. The Drive • Spiritual Prayer – Part 1 (RCA, 1975)