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SLAMDhungied Mushrooms Pt.1

Small town girl in the Big City here to handle biz” ………. Qba

If you listen to her raps, you need not ask to many questions about what makes Qba tick…… ’cause she lays it out clear……. with a flow that’s gutter butter smooth……

The night of this show coincided with a street festival in downtown Johannesburg…….. Radio Robert managed to navigate a drunken sea of revelers and security gaurds, and snuck into ICRs premises, where he sat on the roof watching the night’s events unfold below him, sipping on a bottle of J&B whisky, waiting for Soul Diablo and Kool oNe Ebony to arrive with Qba …… they arrived 2 hours later carrying bags of fungi and more bottles of whisky……..but alas…. they were one person short…..Kool oNe Ebony had absconded……

Dhungy was a dirty maltese poodle with heavily matted, dreadlocked unwashed hair that used to roam the streets of Radio Robert’s neighbourhood when he was young and one day a kid from the area decided to slam dunk Dhungy at the local basketball court……. ever since then, the term ‘SlamDhungied’ has been used by Radio Bob to signify a state of extreme non-sobriety…. as in – ‘we got mad SlamDhungied‘……….

SlamDhungied being the state of affairs for the evening……. we bumped into a few of our rap friends on the street and invited them up to join us ….. Shorty Skilz – one of our rap heroes from the legendary crew, Township Frequency and now with Witchcraft – was definitely SlamDhungied already and wasn’t really up for rhyming, but Tommy Ills (aka One-L) from the Revivolution crew was also in the area, and blessed us with a verse and a young freestyle……..

In the words of Grandmaster Cap ……… ‘I’m not slurring, it’s a style‘………………

You can apparently download the show here


Broadcast live on ICR Pirate Radio Station on 29 September 2012

On the word: Qba, Grandmaster Cap, Shorty Skills & Tommy Ills (aka One-L)
On the wax: Radio Robert
Host: Soul Diablo

Shout outs to Kuttin’ Keith at Slang Audio for the technical support …..


  1. Hamilton Bohannon • Red Bone (Brunswick, 1974)
  2. Creative Source • Who Is He, And What Is He To You (A&M/Sussex Records, 1973)
  3. Tom Scott & the LA Express • Strut Your Stuff (Ode Records, 1974)
  4. Masekela Introducing Hedzoleh Sounds • Languta (Chisa Records, 1973)
  5. Timmy Thomas • Funky Me (Mojo, 1972)
  6. Osibisa • Y-Sharp (MCA Records, 1972)
  7. Charles Mingus • Cumbia & Jazz Fusion (Atlantic, 1978)
  8. The VIP’s • Dive (Soul Brother)
  9. The Soul Throbs • [unknown] (Soul Soul)
  10. David Thekwane & the Brothers • Reggae Special – Part I (Soul Soul)
  11. The Flood • Bonnie & Clyde (RPM, 1975)
  12. The VIP’s • Miss Nkulie (Atlantic City)
  13. Echoes Of Kroonstad • Diamond Lady (Summit, 1980)
  14. Chairman of the Board • Morning Glory (Invictus Records, 1974)
  15. blk jks • Tselane (Secretly Canadian, 2009)
  16. Malombo • Riverside (Kaya, 1984)
  17. Philemon Zulu • Qhomoloza (CTV International, 1988)