Khalid Shamis – Notes on Music for Films


Half Libyan half South African ex-Londoner, Khalid is a trained film director but much prefers constructing stories with other people’s passions in the hallowed edit suite. Drawing on his past of co... Read more »

Rosie Parade – Ice Eyes Nice Thighs

Ice Eyes Nice Thighs B

Rosie Parade DJs like a girl. A no-mix mix recorded on a hazy Monday. Love letters from soft hearts, dropped on the way. Salty more like tears than sweat, sweet more like guavas than pears. She got... Read more »

DJ Gary – Some Liminal Place

i-am-tired2-01 (featured)

DJ Gary`s sporadic musical career began as a contributor at the first online iteration of the now legendary Hyperdub label in 2000, and playing at the earliest Hyperdub parties in London. Along with... Read more »